Cyberpunk character by Z.G. Fisher

Card Combos for Ambush and Delivery

There’re Levels to This

One thing to keep in mind when you are creating teams and optimizing…

With Screenshots

Gas Reflux

With Ethereum fees on the rise the race for layer 2 scaling solutions has begun. As we all await the deployment of EIP-1559, which aims to mitigate astronomical gas fees, we in the Defi community who want to avoid those fees as much as possible are left with 2 real choices:

  1. Centralized options like Binance Smart Chain
  2. Decentralized Layer 2 Solutions like Polygon or Loopring.

Reaction to HFSC Committee Hearing

Neon District NFT Game Tips

What do I know?

My ambush team, HYPERSLICE, is currently sitting at the top spot as pizza assassin numero uno.

Punk girls by Samuel Aaron & Adrian Dadich

Gameplay Tips for Newbs


Neon District Game 🎮

  • MetaMask wallet
  • Etherscan is where you can track anything you’ve done on the Ethereum network. …

Shillbo Baggins

Crypto enthusiast. Not a financial advisor. All puns are intentional. @TheRealShillbo (twitter)

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