Cyberpunk character by Z.G. Fisher

Card Combos for Ambush and Delivery

What makes Neon District such an intellectually stimulating game? It’s all the possibilities. If you haven’t played it before, go here and start for free. If you have just started or need a little advice, here are a few card combinations and battle strategies to help any new or current player get the most out of their cards.

If you are super new to the game, check out my previous articles for some more beginner tips:

NFT Farming in Neon District

How to Ambush Like a Criminal

One thing to keep in mind when you are creating teams and optimizing…

With Screenshots

With Ethereum fees on the rise the race for layer 2 scaling solutions has begun. As we all await the deployment of EIP-1559, which aims to mitigate astronomical gas fees, we in the Defi community who want to avoid those fees as much as possible are left with 2 real choices:

  1. Centralized options like Binance Smart Chain
  2. Decentralized Layer 2 Solutions like Polygon or Loopring.

Although Binance Smart Chain is indeed smart, its customers are at the mercy of the whims of the exchange. Binance has the power to stop trading, stop withdrawals, claim “Ethereum congestion issues”, etc. …

Reaction to HFSC Committee Hearing

The House Financial Services Committee’s hearing on the Gamestop / RobinHood debacle provided a foggy window into the shortfalls of traditional finance.

When you cut through all the “I appreciate the question” and “Thank you for that important question” stonewalling, robotically articulated by Vlad “Totally-Not-A-Vampire” Tenev, two issues clearly stood out: equal opportunity and real-time settlements.

It’s really quite simple. You can’t turn off trading for retail investors of your app and call that equal opportunity. …

In Zen, it is said that it is impossible to share an experience. You can experience the experience, but it can’t really be shared. The experiencer is the first distortion. To attempt to convey the experience would only serve to distort it further eventually becoming something else entirely.

This is something akin to an online presence.

In 1999, I was working in tech support. A great proportion of our calls at the time were men trying to get this “porn thing” off their desktop that they swear they had no idea of how it got there. …

Neon District NFT Game Tips

Disclaimer: This is time-sensitive content as this game is still in production. Some of this information may not be relevant in the near future. I will try to update as necessary.

If you haven’t check out Neon District yet or are still super new to the game, please read my previous article on how to get started. What follows are some tips you can use to help you farm Neon by using my favorite tool in the game: The Ambush.

My ambush team, HYPERSLICE, is currently sitting at the top spot as pizza assassin numero uno.

Punk girls by Samuel Aaron & Adrian Dadich

Gameplay Tips for Newbs

If you’re like me, you’ve been anticipating NFT gaming for some time now. You probably own a little bit of ENJ or XED and you’re excited about the prospect of being able to play to earn. While there are already a few games out there that use NFTs, many of them are still in production or require a healthy investment in order to begin playing. Allow me to introduce you to Neon District.

What follows are some quick tips for new players that aim to answer some questions that I had when I first started.

Neon District Game 🎮


Shillbo’s Plays Using Free UNI Beyond Buying and Selling

First of all, congratulations for having the wherewithal to be in the position to achieve free UNI. I say achieve because you earned it, like a scout badge or a purple heart on the frontlines of DeFi. If you were really grinding in the DeFi space, you most likely had multiple wallets and so doubly or perhaps triply came your reward. Now, what to do with it?

Providing Liquidity UNI/ETH

When I first added the token to my MetaMask, curious as to what “this whole UNI thing” was about, I had…

Make a Lil CREAM this Week: Low-Risk Strategy

Since my last post about Cream Finance, CREAM has performed wonderfully. They are now listed in the top 10 on Defi Pulse for Total Value Locked and we saw the price surge to an all time high of $287+. They’ve also added several new reward incentives and features including a swap. IMO, one of the best farms out there.

Finding UNI V2 tokens in MetaMask

If you are going to be moving your LP tokens around, then here are some tips to help you so that you don’t freak out when you don’t see them in your wallet.

1. Go to you activity tab in MetaMask and find where you added liquidity. Click on that bar.

Welcome Back!

Whew, not a dull day in DeFi! A lot has happened in just the last two days, some of which we will cover. Thanks for coming back for a more in depth look into farming! If you haven’t read part 1 of the Farmer’s Guide and you are new to this, please check out my article here. If at any point this feels “too newb” for you, just scroll down as the information progresses in complexity.


  • MetaMask wallet
  • Etherscan is where you can track anything you’ve done on the Ethereum network. …

Shillbo Baggins

Crypto enthusiast. Not a financial advisor. All puns are intentional. @TheRealShillbo (twitter)

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